Around the Room (and World): A View of Workshop Classrooms

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is delighted to present a series of video clips highlighting the work of teachers in their classrooms. This fall, teachers all over the world have recorded video clips of their classroom environments and shared their ideas, decisions, and solutions related to establishing learning communities that support students’ continued growth. These same teachers, 2014, will be providing clips to show the evolution of their classrooms in response to their students’ needs and participation in units of study in literacy. We are excited for an inside view of these classrooms and to see the ways they are shaped by the students and teachers who call these classrooms home.

With this initiative we hope to provide a window into classrooms with strong literacy practices and create an online forum for studying together from afar. We hope that through these clips you will be able to study, learn and reflect on the evolution of your own classroom environments in order to support and encourage your students’ literacy development.

We are thankful to the teachers who have opened up their classrooms to us and have taken the time to share their work. Please join us for a peek into real classrooms. We hope you’ll find ideas to steal, ways to rethink your own environment and curriculum, and feel inspired and supported to grow with us.

Eager to share your thoughts, ideas, or your own classroom practices? Don’t hesitate to email us at, tweet to us @TCRWP (or #tcrwp) or post photos and videos to our Facebook page so we can learn from one another.

Watch the video clips