Facebook Conversations and Twitter Chats: #TCRWP

The TCRWP has been developing more online digital forums, through which schools can collaborate and share ideas about their implementation of the reading and writing Units of Study. We host weekly chats on Twitter and this year have launched three facebook pages for conversations about the Units of Study series.

This fall, we started three pages to field questions and comments, and to share videos and student work from teachers and schools that are implementing the Units of Study in reading and writing.
* Units of Study in Reading TCRWP
* Units of Study in Writing TCRWP
* Units of Study in Middle School: Reading and Writing Units TCRWP

Co-authors and group members post questions and comments about the units of study to begin threads of conversation and also share advice and insights about various topics. You will find conversation threads about specific units, spelling and the teaching of phonics, materials and teaching in various languages, among other topics. Members of the page help set the agenda of the discussion. All threads are open to comments, suggestions and questions. The result of these threads is a community of educators ready to share experiences about their particular classrooms and schools and to support one another.

You can see videos of reading and writing celebrations, photos of engaged middle school partnerships, strategies for co-planning and great PD schools are doing around these curriculum materials as well as the student artifacts and work they create in reading and writing workshop. To join, just type in the group name in the search engine and click “join.” Join the thousands of other educators who are on these pages to enter the conversation and share your own experiences.

There is also a general TCRWP page, where we post the latest happenings at the TCRWP as well as related articles about reading and writing instruction. Here there are great posts that will link you to wonderful professional reading, to articles on our website, to offerings and services at the Project. To join, just search for: TCRWP and you will find our icon, which is a dancing lady image on a mustard background.


This will be our third full academic year of hosting Twitter chats. Each

Wednesday evening, at 730pm EST, the TCRWP community of staff developers and colleagues host an hour long chat session about various topics to help teachers think about how to implement reading and writing workshops K-8. These chats are led by a series of questions and participants who follow the chat join in by “tweeting” responses to these questions. Participants respond to one another and “retweet” and “favorite” responses they like the best. This summer there will be a Twitter chat every Wednesday about topics such as: Understanding Reading Development in the Early Childhood, Tips and Suggestions to Help Our Students Read Complex Nonfiction Texts, and Get Tech Savvy: What Can You Do Now to Prepare for the Year Ahead?

To join a Twitter chat, just log in to your twitter account and search for the hashtag: #TCRWP. If you log in at 730pm EST you will begin to see the questions and responses. If you want to “tweet” and respond, write your post and make sure you include #TCRWP. Then it will be added to the chat. You can post to this hashtag any day and time. You can also read the feed, which is constantly updated by the larger community. Posts usually last for 2 weeks.

Click here to view Twitter chat schedule:

To look back at our old twitter chats, you can go to the Heinemann Blog posts about our chats. At the bottom of each of these mini articles you will find a saved version of the chat.

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