Join Our Zoom Calls for Virtual Book Buzzes & Book Chats with the TCRWP

Live Zoom Calls with TCRWP Staff Developers

As a follow up to our Office Hours and Micro-Workshops, we will be hosting a series of short ‘Book Chats’ across the next two months. Twice a week, TCRWP Staff Developers will host 20 minute LIVE Zoom calls sharing their latest favorite books. Some of the chats will focus on titles for kids from Kindergarten through middle school. Others will highlight titles that make great book clubs for teachers, both professional texts and fiction books. In these ‘Book Buzzes,’ we hope to inspire more reading, more conversations about books and deepen our collective knowledge about literature.

In these chats, we will feature new texts, texts written by #ownvoices authors and texts that help us build libraries that battle, in the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “the danger of the single story.” These chats will support you in curating collections that include voices, perspectives and storylines that have been traditionally silenced.

All are welcome - come if you’ve read the text, come if you want to hear more, or just come to be inspired to read these texts afterward! These Zoom calls are meant to bring our community together and see the power in texts.

Tune in at 6pm EDT, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for our 20 minute — Book Buzz!

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