Literacy Lifeboats

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project invites you to contribute to Literacy Lifeboats, an initiative to support teachers and children in schools that have been hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Schools are desperate to replace all they’ve lost: books, bookcases, technology, easels, literacy supplies and the like. The TCRWP is donating time and personnel to support this effort, so every penny of your tax deductible donation will directly help the schools.

We remember, when Sandy hit NYC, how people from around the globe gave to NYC’s schools through Literacy Lifeboats. Now, it’s the children of Texas who need a hand.

Please help to rebuild literacy-rich classrooms, places where our children’s words and stories matter, and where students can use literature and writing as a catalyst for growth and healing.

Four years ago, the world rallied to support schools in the NY region that were affected by Sandy. Now, individuals and schools across the world have again risen to the occasion and provided relief to schools affected by Hurricane Harvey. We thank all of you who have given so generously. To all those who are suffering, in so many parts of the world, our thoughts are with you.

$10000 and above
Maggie Koong

$1000 - $9999
Denise Kaczmarek Christa Neilsen Queensbury Elementary School

$500 - $999
Lucy Calkins Kathleen Collins
Commerce Elementary Students and Community

$200 - $499
Mary Bish Anne Garcia-Meitin Debbie Hardwick-Smith
Laurie Pandorf Susan Parodi Linda Perry
Margaret Towery Torger Wuellner
Krystal Bishop & Students (Southern Adventist Univ)
Renee Curtis Mary Dietler Laurie Duvall
James Holwerda Angelique Magrum East Amwell Elementary School in Ringoes, NJ
Hillcrest Elementary School
Students and Staff of Hillcrest School, Peekskill, NY

$1 - $199
Mary Jane Ackroyd Julie Artz Barbara Austin
Vanessa Baldini Barbara Barone Mary Barr
Ginger Barrett Samantha Barrett Lainie Becky
Samantha Bennett Debra Billington Lisa Bingen
Mary-Ellen Birdsall Rembert Block Renae Braun
Sarah Brillhart Sarah Broas Katherine Bryant
Liz Buehler Carol Bunce Meghann Burr
Helen Butler Rachel Caldwell Laura Callen
Patricia Carney Linda Chan Karen Chapman
Susan Childs Carol Cimino Katherine Clements
Jennifer Collins Jeanne Congdon Jennifer Crichton
Christine Crill Ronda Curry Chris Dahlk
Karen Davis Meagan Del Priore Kate DiMinno
Tara Doll Kelly Douglas Ellen Ellis
Mary Ellis Ellen Ellis Marianne Eshom
James Evans Catherine Faraone Isabelle Farrell
Megan Farricker Avery Finch Angela Forero
Jerrisa Foster Dominique Freda Monterosso Joanne Frediani
Carol Gallegos Joyce Gesundheit
Karen Glover Kris Going David Gottlieb
Margo Grace Ann Griffin Jill Grove
Emily Gula Michelle Gurule Andrea Haas
Jan Harting-McChesney Amanda Hartman Carly Harvey
Jennie Herriot-Hatfield Karin Hess Monica Hobbs
Kathryn Hoffmann Jane Horne Laurie Hudson
Susan Hurd Kathryn Inouye Stacey Irvin
Christie Johnson Kathy Kersul-Wiener Brandy King
Jennifer Kirstein Cathy Klein Kelly Kleinhenz
Rosemary Koob Diana Krippendorf Robin LaBarbera
Tammy LaMantia Elizabeth Lazar Laura Lechner
Coley Lehman Jenna Lempesis Julie Leopold
Sandra Levin Shelley Levy Maria Lofstuen
Lettitia Long Lettitia Long Milagros Lopez
Natalie Louis Arnette Lucero Karen Lukens
Nicole Lycett Jennifer Maehara Donna Mahar
Margaret Mahoney Jean Maio Patricia Manaka
Catherine Marchant Debbie Matz Sarah Maxwell
Kim McAnally April McDowell Moira McLaughlin
Allison Mead Bohdana Mery Megan Meyer
Cathy Miller Brittany Mitchell Debbie Morris
Katheryn Morris Mary Ann Mustac Leonie Nakayama
Kathleen Neville Patricia Norman Teresa Northey
George Nourafchan Angel Nowak Ina O’Connor
Melissa O’Cull Vivian Oberfeld Linda Odle
Juliet Oh Jill Ohline Louelynn Onato
Lisa Onofri Karen Orlovsky Sarah Orton
Rachel Palmer Geri Pelliccio Maureen Peraza
Laurie Pessah Kim Petersen Gary Peterson
Kirsten Post Shelley Randolph Anne Rhode
Catherine Rollings Janet Rose Kathleen Rourke
Ascher Ruf Lisa Savage Beth Sayre-Scibona
Kim Schibi Emma Schmidt Angelique Schuppek
Colleen Scoville Joanne Searle Debbie Shalom
Adriana Sheinbaum Miles Skorpen Cynthia Slavish
Ashley Smart Theresa Smith Mary Smith
Kasey Smith Cindy Soto Susan Speno
Debra Sperling Lisa Starzyk Janet Steinberg
Marnie Stetson Cathy Stokesbury Denise Stuart
Paula Vaughn Beverly Taylor Linh Yen Thai
Patrick Todd Sergei Trakhtenberg Gabrielle Tullman
Susan Umpleby Carol van Deelen Beth Walck
Mary Waldron Julie Walters Evie Weinstein-Park
Dawn Wenzel-Helnore Marca Whitten Kylie Wood
Melissa Wright Martha Young-Rhymes Therapi Zaw-Kaplan
CT Alpha Delta Kappa Epsilon Chapter Lynn Beck Mary Ann Coughlin
Mary Ehrenworth Catherine Keplinger Nishita Kothary
Max Manbeck Brooks Manbeck Suzi Emanuele-Manbeck
Virginia Manbeck John Manbeck Melanie McNulty
Coxsackie Elementary School & Coxsackie Fourth Grade Community Service High Peaks Educational Group

For questions, please write to: