March 28, 2015: The TCRWP's 88th Reunion

On Saturday, March 28th, almost 4,500 teachers gathered at Teachers College for the 88th Saturday Reunion. This was the largest day ever—the numbers have climbed steadily over the years. Teachers, literacy coaches and administrators came from far away places—Singapore and Spain, Chile and England—and from across the United States. Patricia Polacco was the keynote speaker at Riverside Church. Even before she spoke, she was greeted with a standing ovation and many who have heard her often said they’d never heard her speak so well. Throughout her keynote and those given simultaneously by Kathy Collins and Annie Taranto, at Teachers College listeners shared key points, images and started conversations via Twitter (#tcrwp).

After the three opening keynotes, more than 120 workshops were offered during the four sessions of the day on topics as wide-ranging as Pre-K literacy and powerful essay writing for middle school writers. As always, getting through the packed halls and crossing the streets, standing 50 wide, was an adventure, but there were no mishaps and everyone is thinking about whether next time there will be a need for one-way hallways!

The day ended back at Riverside Church with a closing speech by Kylene Beers. As one teacher in attendance, Laura Uhr, noted, there is no better way to motivate teachers than to, “Start with Patricia, and end with Kylene!” Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day a great success – we look forward to seeing many of you at the institutes this summer!