Three New Books Out this Fall

The TCRWP would like to congratulate Carl Anderson, M. Colleen Cruz, and Cornelius Minor on their new books that are out this fall!

Carl Anderson’s new book, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, spotlights the importance of 1:1 conferring, offering ways to get started and ways to work on improving your conferring skills. Carl offers tips for conferring with a diverse group of writers and how to fit this into a busy school schedule. With this book, he also provides over 25 videos of how to work with students in writing conferences.

M. Colleen Cruz, in her new book: Writers Read Better: Nonfiction, helps teachers to tap the powerful connection that exists between Writing and Reading Workshops, using the knowledge and skills students develop as writers to support stronger thinking during reading. Colleen provides over 50 paired lessons, structured to clearly showcase the close connection between these two literacy modes.

Cornelius Minor’s new book, We Got This: Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be, identifies ways that teachers can understand better, listen more and teach the students who are in their classrooms. Cornelius provides tools and ways to revise lessons, build stronger classroom communities, providing and ensuring access and inclusion of all our students.