Recommended Books and Supplies for a Reading Workshop

If your school is adopting the Units of Study in Reading, you are right to ask for guidance provisioning classrooms with necessary materials. This book list is written with the assumption you are an administrator, a coach, or lead teacher, responsible for provisioning classroom libraries across your school in a large-scale way. If you are a classroom teacher looking for support in setting up your individual classroom library and procuring specially recommended titles, you’ll find some useful tips here as well.

Your most important challenge will be to develop rich classroom libraries, filled with organized, well-displayed, engaging books that are at the levels of text complexity that match the kids you’ll be teaching. You’ll also want to be sure that you have the books that support the units of study you teach at any one grade, at any one time. This document will help you get started in building a library that is supportive of both of these goals.

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