Anti-Racism Statement

In recent history, we have experienced a shared sense of grief and horror over the realities of racism that communities of color continue to face. This is not a new moment in our nation’s history, but part of an ongoing injustice and violence. There is a long history of anti-Blackness and racial terror in the United States that is rooted in white supremacy. And the weight of this American legacy is carried into all institutions, including the institution of schools.

All of us have a role to play in dismantling institutional racism; all of us must help acknowledge, address, and heal that trauma. And while we recognize there is still much more work that is needed, TCRWP is committed to advancing the work of equity and antiracism. We hope that you too, will make the commitment to be antiracist, and that this becomes the foundation from which curriculum and teaching practices emerge, and this becomes foundational in our teaching and in our lives.

Please click here for information about addressing protests and racism.