The TCRWP is delighted that Judy Chin, Coordinator of Strategic Development, has been elected to New York State’s Board of Regents. Judy Chin is making history as the first Asian-American on the Board of Regents in its 231 years.

When Judy entered Kindergarten in New York City, she did not speak English. When interviewed by New York State Legislators, Judy said that her experiences taught her, “how challenging it must be, how frightening it must be to be a young child on the first day of school in the American school system and not able to speak a word of English.” She went on to reflect, “I feel that my life experiences really shaped my experience as an educator.”

Judy brings a range of experience as a teacher and administrator in New York City to her role as Regent. She has served as a teacher, principal, and supervising superintendent. The TCRWP couldn’t be more proud of all that Judy has accomplished as well as her continued commitment to our field and the students of New York State.

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