Congratulations also go to…

Every day we receive word of yet more TCRWP schools that have garnered awards because of their success. Many of these are New York State schools that have won recognition as ‘2015-16 Rewards Schools. ’ This prestigious title is given to those schools that are either among the State’s high performing schools for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 or that merit recognition because their students made the greatest progress of any in the State during 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 and did this without the school having significant gaps in student achievement between subgroups.

It should be noted that even more TCRWP schools would be receiving accolades as Rewards Schools were it not for the fact that in order for a school to be identified as a Rewards school, that school must have a 95% participation rate in the English Language Arts and math assessments. We caution you, therefore, that if a school is absent from it, it may well be that more than 5% of the children opted out of the high stakes tests (between 55,000 and 65,000 students were opted out of the 2014 state tests 1. This trend is likely to continue as according to the state department, the opt out rate for NYS rose to 20% during the 2015 assessments2). While celebrating the stunning progress that so many schools have achieved, TCRWP acknowledges that many who care very much about teaching and learning yearn for a test that more closely reflects our hopes for children.

We want to congratulate…(and this is just a beginning list)….
* Hellenic Classical Charter School
* PS 6—The Lillie Devereaux Blake School
* PS 40—Augustus Saint-Gaudens Elementary School
* PS 59—Beekman Hill International
* PS 77—The Lower Lab School
* PS 116—The Mary Lindley Murray School
* PS 158—The Bayard Taylor School
* PS 183—Robert L Stevenson School
* PS 212—Midtown West School
* PS 41—Greenwich Village School
* PS 150
* PS 9—Sarah Anderson School
* PS 166—The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology
* PS 58—The Carroll School
* PS 107—John W Kimball
* PS 682—The Academy of Talented Scholars (TAOTS) (also a National Blue Ribbon Award Winning School)
* PS 206—Joseph F. Lamb
* PS 24—Andrew Jackson School
* PS 32—State Street
* PS 169—Bay Terrace School
* PS 18—Winchester
* PS 46—Alley Pond School
* PS 159
* PS 173—The Fresh Meadows School
* PS 186—Castlewood
* PS 101—The School in the Gardens
* PS 161—Arthur Ashe School
* Steven Bridges Middle School, Chappaqua
* West Side School, Cold Spring Harbor
* Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck
* Saddle Rock School, Great Neck
* Great Neck South Middle School, Great Neck
* Center Street School, Herricks
* Denton Avenue School, Herricks
* Glenwood Landing Elementary School, North Shore
* Heathcote School, Scarsdale
* Berry Hill Elementary School, Syosset