Connect with the TCRWP All Summer Long!

Summer is a great time to connect and think through new ideas for the year ahead. We hope you take advantage of the #TCRWP Twitter chats, Facebook pages and UoS groups, and the TCRWP Instagram page to advance the work in your school and classroom communities.


#TCRWP is widely used by workshop teachers to post about the wonderful work happening in classrooms around the world. All you need to do is to type in #TCRWP and scroll through the many posts that people are sharing about their classroom work. Also, if you follow us, @TCRWP, you’ll see our latest news and work at the Project as well as relevant education research for workshop teachers and school leaders. Lastly, we have a weekly Twitter Chat, on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm EST. These chats are led by Project staff developers and teachers to discuss units of study in reading and writing, K-8, and related topics. To find out about our summer chats, click here. We hope you join in, in whatever ways you feel most comfortable, to be part of this growing and dynamic community.

Facebook Pages and Groups

There are several ways to be part of the conversation about workshop teaching on facebook with the TCRWP. First, we have a page where we post events and happenings at the Project. You can search for us under: TCRWP. Second, we have book chats set up for the community to share and discuss the Units of Study in Reading and Writing. You can search for these groups under the names: Units of Study in Reading TCRWP, Units of Study in Writing TCRWP, and Middle School Units of Study in Reading and Writing. All of these pages and groups can be accessed from the front page of our website. Click here. (


We do have an Instagram page, TCRWP. We post pictures of events and great books to read all year long. Many people also tag us on their posts that they make about reading and writing in the classroom. Feel free to tag us using @TCRWP or #TCRWP with your post! We love seeing your work! Follow us at @TCRWP.