English Language Development Toolkit for Units of Study

The TCRWP has developed an English Language Development Toolkit to be used in conjunction with Units of Study in reading and writing. We have also created a comprehensive document, for each grade level, in reading and writing, to show how units of study address the California ELD standards.

In order to access these documents, go to the resources page on our website. You will see a section called, Documents to Support Units of Study. Here you will be able to access your particular grade level: http://readingandwritingproject.org/resources/documents-to-support-units-of-study

This document was first drafted by a team comprised of leaders from TCRWP as well as leaders from across the state of California. This team included people who have been especially central as authors of the Units of Study, as well as people with special expertise in supporting English language learners. After the planning team convened, a larger group of teacher-leaders from across the state of California joined in the effort. These teachers, provided the data for the detailed discussion of the ELD support strategies within each particular unit.

You’ll see that this document details how the Reading K-5 and Writing K-8 units already support English language learners and also suggests important revisions to make particular units even more supportive to English language learners. In creating these support materials we aimed to live up to Pauline Gibbons’ charge to treat English language learners, “…as capable and intelligent learners who, with the right kind of support, are as able to participate in learning and achieve academically as their English-speaking peers.” (Gibbons, Scaffolding Language Scaffolding Learning, 2015)

In addition, in the fall of 2017 we offered a mini-institute focused on the topic of providing support to English language learners and because of the enormous positive feedback to this mini-institute, we’ll offer another in the 2018-19 school year. Subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive alerts about calendar of events.

Further, we have had many inquiries about language translations for the units of study books. At this point, a few units of study in writing have been translated into French. Find those resources here: https://www.cheneliere.ca/2842-auteur-lucy-calkins.html For those of you have Units of Study kits, K-8, there are teacher and student resources in Spanish available on the Heinemann website. If you would like to connect with schools teaching in languages other than English, feel free to contact us via contact@readingandwritingproject.com and we will do our best to support you, if possible.