Literacy Lifeboats

The fund is now close, Thank You for your support.

Literacy Lifeboats, an initiative to support teachers and children in schools that have been hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Schools are desperate to replace all they’ve lost: books, bookcases, technology, easels, literacy supplies and the like. The TCRWP is donating time and personnel to support this effort, so every penny of your tax deductible donation will directly help the schools.

We remember, when Sandy hit NYC, how people from around the globe gave to NYC’s schools through Literacy Lifeboats. Now, it’s the children of Texas who need a hand.

Please help to rebuild literacy-rich classrooms, places where our children’s words and stories matter, and where students can use literature and writing as a catalyst for growth and healing.

Four years ago, the world rallied to support schools in the NY region that were affected by Sandy. Now, individuals and schools across the world have again risen to the occasion and provided relief to schools affected by Hurricane Harvey. We thank all of you who have given so generously. To all those who are suffering, in so many parts of the world, our thoughts are with you.