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Writers Read Better: Narrative by Colleen Cruz

We know that writing skills reinforce reading skills, but what’s the best way to capitalize on this beneficial relationship? By flipping the traditional “reading lesson first, writing lesson second” sequence, Colleen Cruz helps you make the most of the writing-to-reading connection with carefully matched, conceptually connected lesson pairs designed to lift reading work by starting first with reciprocal writing strategies. The result is a healthy reciprocity that effectively and efficiently develops students’ literacy skills.

Breathing New Life Into Book Clubs: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen

Sonja and Dana have both a confession and a challenge to teachers. Managing classroom book clubs can be hard. Real hard. But honestly, is there any better way to get students vested in reading? When book clubs work, don’t they create a culture of reading unlike anything else? One that brings out the very best in our students? Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into book clubs or begin implementing them in your classroom, Sonja and Dana give you essential strategies to make book clubs work. “Because book clubs,” they write, “are where students fall in love with reading.”