TCRWP Classroom Libraries Now Available for Preorder!

We’re pleased to announce that Heinemann is now accepting preorders for the forthcoming TCRWP Classroom Libraries. We are excited to get these books into the hands of teachers and students everywhere, to read and enjoy all year long. The entire TCRWP staff worked tirelessly with Lucy Calkins to provide a rich variety of texts for classroom libraries. You will see that there are classroom libraries of 500-700 books, both for specific grade levels and for students who are reading below grade level benchmarks.

This is an excerpt, from the Introduction to A Guide to the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Classroom Libraries, by Lucy Calkins.

Dear Teachers,

For the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP), this effort to create Classroom Libraries has been an all-important mission: to build state-of-the-art Classroom Libraries filled with awe-inspiring, spine-tingling, mind-bending books that deeply engage children, strengthen reading and thinking skills, and inspire kids to become lifelong readers.

These libraries hold collections and shelves curated by the entire staff of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. By curate, we mean that similar to curators at art and science museums, we applied our knowledge, expertise, and passion to decide what to include in our Classroom Libraries. We combined our ideas with those of other reading and literature experts, teachers, librarians, and children, to thoughtfully collect, examine, and select books—books that would make a difference in the lives of children as readers and learners.

The research on reading achievement is clear and long-standing. The most important finding is that reading leads to everything. According to a global research study initiated by the International Literacy Association (ILA), students’ “attitude toward reading, frequency of leisure reading, and diversity of reading materials” were significant variables in not just reading achievement, but also academic achievement as measured by grade point averages (Brozo, Shiel, & Topping, 2011, p. 311).

-Lucy Calkins

We know that you and your students will fall in love with the titles in these libraries. You can make the biggest difference in their reading lives by getting the just-right books into their hands. To pre-order these libraries for your school, request a price quote or get questions answered, please contact Heinemann Customer Service at (800) 225-5800 or click here.