The Project Welcomes Kate Montgomery Back

The project welcomes Kate Montgomery back to the TCRWP family as the Education in Emergencies Director, Global Initiatives. Kate brings years of experience in teacher education in the United States and internationally in places such as Kenya, Thailand and most recently in the Balkan forced migration route.

For years, Kate worked closely with the TCRWP and Heinemann to help develop and write curriculum for grades K-8. She was instrumental in the development and creation of the Units of Study in Reading and Writing series. Kate has been an active member and visionary in the TCRWP community.

Now, as Kate rejoins our community full-time, she will lead the development of collaborations between the TCRWP and communities around the world in under-resourced locations. She will be working to improve children’s access to interesting, healthy and relevant quality education via innovative curriculum and instruction.

We are so fortunate to have Kate leading this endeavor and are excited to learn from her once again.

Link to Kate’s Bio: