Spelling Assessments

Spelling Inventories

Our spelling assessments are drawn from Donald R. Bear’s Words Their Way. Three levels of spelling inventories are offered to you here. If your students spell with relative accuracy for their grade level, you may wish to start with the inventory that corresponds to your grade level grouping. If your students struggle significantly to spell accurately, you might start with an inventory below your grade level grouping.

Primary Inventories

Elementary Inventories

Upper-Level Inventories

Spelling High Frequency Words: Grades 3 - 8

The purpose of this assessment is to determine the number of high-frequency words that students control in spelling. Control means they recognize the words immediately and write them automatically. If a student is able to spell a word automatically, attention is freed to focus on the content he or she is attempting to convey. This assessment can be used throughout the year to record students' growth in control of high frequency words.

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