The Intersection of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and Best Literacy Practice

“We have been working in collaboration with Charlotte Danielson and the Danielson Group to create an important project—a collection of three full observations on film—that aim to show some of the intersections between Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and Workshop Teaching. In 2013 many of the schools with whom we work were asked to adopt Danielson’s Framework for Teaching as a new initiative. We developed these videos and the accompanying resources out of an effort to help schools integrate the Framework for Teaching into strong reading and writing workshop instruction and to do this in ways that raise the level of literacy learning. Our hope is to help you create coherence, not chaos. Charlotte Danielson and her colleague, Kate Dickson, contributed their wisdom to this effort, as did many of the leaders at the TCRWP.

Each video album is focused on one of the three teachers being observed (Betsy, Elisha, and Lara). Each album includes an introduction to that teacher’s observation, her pre-conference, observation, and post conference. We are truly grateful to these teachers for welcoming us and our film crews in the first weeks of the school year. We applaud their willingness to share their work with others.”

Lucy Calkins, from A Letter to the TCRWP Community, February 2014


Lesson plans to accompany the videos

Betsy Engel, First Grade Shared Reading Experience and Reading Workshop

Elisha Ann, Second Grade Reading Workshop and Interactive Read Aloud

Lara Pinto and Katie Kerrigan, Fourth Grade Writing Workshop in an Integrated Co-Teaching Class