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The TCRWP has created several videos to give you and your colleagues a window into the Units of Study for Teaching Reading series. These videos are designed to support teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders in your implementation of the Units of Study.

We have created free orientation sessions for each grade level about the Units of Study in reading that you will teach across the school year. These sessions provide an overview of the year and of reading workshop in general, and they describe the design and specifics of each unit, providing you tips while you study the books with your colleagues and implement this curriculum. Soon, we will be adding free orientation sessions for the Units of Study for Teaching Writing Series K-8.

Click here to go to the free orientation sessions for teaching reading.

We have also created a set of short clips that feature the co-authors of the Units of Study, to address some of the big questions you may have about implementing the Units, such as: Why do a reading workshop? How is explicit instruction woven in throughout the Units? How are learning progressions used to raise the level of student achievement? We hope that as you scroll through the FAQ and watch these informative clips, you will come away with a better understanding of reading workshop, reading development, ways to support teachers in using the units of study, and how to address specific needs of students at different grade and reading levels. For more information on purchasing the Units of Study. Please click here:.

Overview and FAQs

Why do a reading workshop?VIDEO | 1:58
How is explicit instruction woven throughout the Units?VIDEO | 2:05
How are the Learning Progressions used to raise achievement?VIDEO | 1:48
How can admins support communities of learning in their schools?VIDEO | 2:35
How are the reading and writing units connected?VIDEO | 2:33
How are tools used to support instruction and engage students? VIDEO | 5:50
How are nonfiction reading skills developed across the intermediate units? VIDEO | 17:16

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Getting Started

Grade-Level Support

Support for Specific Topics


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Following on the success of the Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing, the new grade-by-grade Units of Study for Teaching Reading, K–5:

  • * provides state-of-the-art tools and methods to help students move up the ladder of text complexity
  • * builds foundational reading skills and strategies
  • * supports the teaching of interpretation, synthesis, and main idea
  • * offers classroom structures to support inquiry and collaboration
  • * gives teachers opportunities to teach and to learn teaching while receiving strong scaffolding and on-the-job guidance.

“This series builds on decades of teaching and research—in literally tens of thousands of schools. In states across the country, this curriculum has already given young people extraordinary power, not only as readers, but also as thinkers. When young people are explicitly taught the skills and strategies of proficient reading and are invited to live as richly literate people do, carrying books everywhere, bringing reading into every nook and corner of their lives, the results are dramatic.”

—Lucy Calkins