The Coaching Institute on the Teaching of Reading Grades K-8

Sunday, January 26 - Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Grade: K-8
Featuring: Heather Burns, Rebecca Cronin, Alexis Czeterko, Jen DeSutter, Mary Ehrenworth, Brooke Geller, Amanda Hartman, Lizzie Hetzer, Natalie Louis, Laurie Pessah, Alissa Reicherter, Jessica Sauer, Shanna Schwartz, Kristin Smith, Emily Strang-Campbell

Every year, the crown jewel of the TCRWP’s offerings is a series of two institutes designed to support coaches in work that is at the heart of TCRWP staff development. These institutes are intimate and intense, with most of the work occurring in schools. Participants receive support in methods of staff development, their coaching practice, and giving and receiving on-the-spot feedback as you work with actual students.

This particular coaching institute supports participants to help teachers use the Units of Study in Reading. You’ll learn about how to best use and support teachers as they implement the Units of Study. The institute will help you to hone your demonstration teaching. You’ll learn to deliver efficient and engaging minilessons and small group lessons and to research and teach readers in one-on-one conferences. Participants will return home ready to demonstrate for and coach other teachers, support a wide spectrum of teachers, and use powerful methods of staff development to differentiate that support.

This institute spotlights the importance of community building—of relationships, identities, personal motivation—as well as skill development. You’ll learn about the process of guiding students and teachers as they author richly literate lives for themselves, and you’ll see ways in which the social fabric of the classroom and school can be tapped to support skill development in both fiction and nonfiction reading. You’ll watch small group work, and see ways in which kids help each other and work together, guided by their teacher and also by learning progressions and the Units of Study.

Participants will include literacy coaches, principals, lead teachers, and literacy leaders from schools across the country and overseas. Those who join us will work in either first year or advanced sections. Advanced sections are based not on skill level, but on prior attendance at a previous coaching institute. The vast majority of participants will attend first year sections.

The coaching institute takes place both within New York City schools and at Teachers College.


$800/$700 NYC DOE


This institute will take place at the Teachers College campus.
Teachers College, Columbia University
525 W 120th Street
New York, NY