Institute to Explore Dyslexia and the K-5 Reading Workshop

Monday, October 28 - Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Grade: K-5
Featuring: Colleen Cruz and Natalie Louis, with the Child Mind Institute

Do you ever look up in the middle of reading workshop and at first glance notice most of the class is humming along, but as you scan the class, you notice that a few students do not seem to be having the same dynamic reading experience? Whether you know that there are students in your class with a dyslexia diagnosis, or suspect there might be students who could be identified in similar ways, this institute is for you.

This mini-institute is an unusual one for TCRWP. It is designed to both solidify and extend the TCRWP’s best thinking, based on the latest research, about serving students with dyslexia. Although most of TCRWP’s institutes are led exclusively by Project staff, we will be joining you as attendees for portions of this institute. Every morning, we’ll learn together from experts, and then in the afternoon, we’ll think together about what we learn in the morning and its implications for Units of Study based reading workshops. Those of you who join us at this institute can expect the afternoons to feel like a think tank, an exploration—based on the learning from each morning’s presentation.

A neuropsychologist from The Child Mind Institute, one of the premier organizations for dyslexia diagnosis and treatment, will lead each morning. The neuropsychologist will bring us the latest research, discussing what the most recent studies tell us regarding dyslexia and how students might present in typical classroom situations. We can expect to learn recommendations for identifying and for meeting the needs of these students, including the importance of explicit phonics instruction, the value of specific supports, the importance of comprehension-based instruction, and the role of technology.

You’ll participate in two kinds of learning opportunities. For a big chunk of the afternoon, you’ll learn in k-2 or 3-5 groupings from senior leaders at TCRWP, including Colleen Cruz, who have special knowledge of dyslexia as well as students who regularly face instructional obstacles in reading. For another portion of the afternoon, you’ll learn in even smaller and more focused groups from field-based partners including, for example, a kindergarten teacher who integrates multi-sensory phonics instruction into daily instruction, a reading specialist who has been instrumental in helping students make dramatic gains for decades, and so forth. Through these varied structures, you’ll have the opportunity to build theory to practice bridges, and to explore pressing topics such as ways service providers and classroom teachers can align instruction to make the learners experience as cohesive as possible. Time will be dedicated to understanding the ways Units of Study currently support students with dyslexia and ways teachers can offer additional tools and accommodations to ensure every student is a successful reader.


$650/$600 NYC DOE


This institute will take place at the Teachers College campus.
Teachers College, Columbia University
525 W 120th Street
New York, NY