Principals as Curricular Leaders

Every year for the past decade, the crown jewel of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has been a series of conference days for school principals. These leaders convene at Teachers College for study groups and workshops designed specifically to keep them abreast of the innovations and concerns pertaining to instruction and instructional management.

This series of conference days is prepared with a keen eye toward assessment-based accountability in schools in which reading and writing flourish. This forum allows TCRWP principals to rub shoulders with some of the most prominent and influential authors of books that inform thousands—even millions—of classrooms. Some of these special guests include Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Diane Ravitch, Ernest Morrell, Douglas Reeves, and Michael Fullan, to name a few.

Please note: These conference days are offered specifically to principals of TCRWP schools where we provide on-site staff development and are only available in conjunction with our on-site staff development. To discuss your eligibility for future Principals as Curricular Leaders Conference Days, please write to Laurie Pessah at