Specialty Groups

It is crucial that schools develop leadership capacity. As Michael Fullan has written, "It takes capacity to develop capacity." Each of TCRWP’s Teacher-Researcher Specialty Groups brings together teacher-leaders and potential teacher-leaders from across approximately a dozen schools. These teacher-leaders study with the TCRWP’s top expert in a specialized area of instruction. The group itself generates yet more knowledge on the subject.

This year, specialty groups will develop new thinking around instructing struggling readers and students with special learning needs, designing state-of-the-art performance assessments, supporting strong readers and writers, note-taking and idea-making in content area literacy, and understanding text complexities at the highest levels, to name a few.

Members of a daytime specialty course convene for five full days across the year in a school that has developed exemplary practices so that the group can research students, implement classroom practices, and reflect together. Members of an after-school specialty group convene for eight three-hour meetings, in either the fall or spring term. During these days together, experienced workshop teachers and Project leaders work shoulder-to-shoulder as researchers to pursue a serious classroom-based inquiry.

Please Note: Specialty groups are only available in conjunction with our on-site staff development. To discuss your eligibility for future specialty groups, please write to us at contact@readingandwritingproject.com.